On 31st December 2011 Ankur and his wife Sangeeta stood atop Mt. Kilimanjaro and decided to embark on an adventure to climb the 7 summits, that is, to reach the top of the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents in the world. What started out as a passionate aspiration, has now been transformed into a journey for a greater cause with the formation of "Climb for a Smile", a fundraising challenge to support underprivileged children.

By attempting to climb the 7 summits, their aim is to raise awareness about the plight of children in India, in whose lives a serious positive difference can be made with your generous contributions and their persistent efforts.

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Capt. Ankur Bahl

Ankur completed his studies in Welham boys and Doon school where his first stint in trekking began. He participated in several trekking expeditions including one at Gomukh at age13.

Ankur joined the Merchant Navy and went out to sea in 1978. He withdrew from the service in 1994 to join hands in his father’s family business of ship-broking. Ankur loves to play golf, listen to English jazz & rock music of the 70-80’s. It was his dream to climb the Kilimanjaro before turning 50...

Sangeeta Bahl

Sangeeta was born in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and grew up with mountains all around her. Childhood summers were spent with grandparents in the beautiful hill station of Dalhousie or in the valley of Srinagar where walking and hiking were the only ways to get around. Weekends often meant a quick climb to pay homage to the shrine at Vaishno devi, perched up a few thousand feet above Jammu.

As the years rolled by, Sangeeta embarked on a career in flying and lived for several ...

The thought:

By climbing the 7 summits, Ankur and Sangeeta aim to raise awareness amongst affluent individuals and corporates about their moral obligations towards making the world a better place for children. They are committed towards assisting non-profit organisations who are working towards improving conditions for the underprivileged children of India, in way of their nutrition, health, education, environment and child protection programmes.

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